If you are building a website, the web design matters a lot. It is one of the things that will set your site apart from the others, and even get many people coming to your site. In case you are wondering what makes a great web design and how you can identify one when you see it, the qualities that make a good web design are as follows.

User Friendly

A significant number of people who visit websites are clueless about the complexity of what makes a website. All they want is to go to a website and find what they are looking for. The landing page that they first see when they come to your site should be easy to use. The moment they find themselves struggling with how to perform basic things on your website due to a complex design, you can be sure that they will not come back.

Loads on Mobile

More than half of internet users use their mobile devices to access the website. If you do not want to risk them missing out on your content once your site is up, you should choose a design that loads on mobile. It should have a mobile version that supports most of the operating systems that are used in mobile devices like iOS and Android.

Looks Beautiful

This might sound vain, but it is true. Nobody would want to spend time on a dull and lifeless website. It is the small things like topography that make a whole difference. Contrast the colours of the background and the fonts so that people can read what you are trying to put across. Other than beauty, the website should be functional. Nobody wants to strain their eyes while trying to figure out what you are trying to communicate. If you find yourself struggling with web design, hire a professional web designer to help.