Websites have many digital assets, such as videos and pictures. Such elements need to be hosted in a physical location on the internet. Web hosting platforms are offering such a space. Sites also have various plug-ins and technologies that run in the background for additional functionality. Web hosts also help their clients by managing such technologies. Suffice to say, you can’t run a successful site on the web without some form of hosting. Here are some things to consider when looking for an SEO-friendly web hosting company:

A Guarantee on Uptime

Uptime is the ratio of time when your site is live and accessible to visitors. It’s the most essential aspect of opting for a particular web host. A lower uptime rate can result in the loss of visitors. This may translate into lower rankings as your visitors scamper between search engines and unresponsive pages. Always go for a host that guarantees at least 99.9 % uptime. Such a range translates to only 8 hours of downtime, which is more than sufficient.

The Location of the Server

The location of your server relative to the area of most of your visitors is another important factor. Visitors may experience slower uploading and downloading times if the server is far from their location. Therefore, have your visitor stats handy when consulting a hosting company.

Excellent Customer Reviews

You’ve probably heard all the sales pitches and read the term documents from various web hosts. Some may have checked the right boxes, but there’s something subjective and unbiased in reading a few customer reviews. Such reviews will give you an impression of what you are about to get into as it’s all based on the experience of current users.

Support and Responsiveness

Pay close attention to what other clients say about the host’s responsiveness and support in the reviews. Such information will prove valuable in the event your site goes down for inexplicable reasons.